Get to know Mid Autumn Festival, One of the Largest Festivals in China

Mid Autumn Festival is one of the biggest festivals in China. This festival is celebrated every mid autumn. Chinese people usually celebrate a 3 day autumn festival.

The Chinese people are very enthusiastic in welcoming this festival. The hallmark of this festival is a round cake. A round cake made from a mixture of soybeans, lotus seeds and egg yolk. They eat round cakes together with their family or friends during the festival. Because it has become a hallmark of the celebration, the people there call the festival the mooncake festival.

History of the Mid Autumn Festival

Many don’t know the origin of the Mid Autumn Festival celebration. Apparently, tracing its history, this festival has existed since the Zhou Dynasty. In the past, during celebrations, Chinese people made offerings to the moon. This celebration is a form of their gratitude for the bountiful harvest.

Is Only China Celebrating It?

Did you know that moon cake celebrations are not only held in their home country? The word for the biggest celebration in the world was also asked in various countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

The names of celebrations in different countries. For example, in South Korea it is known as Chuseok, the Children’s Festival in Vietnam, and the Lantern Festival or Lantern Festival in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Despite having different names in each country, the celebrations are the same as those in China.

There is Lots of Delicious Food During the Festival

Everyone is excited for the autumn festival. One reason for this is the abundance of delicious food served during festival celebrations. Apart from the moon cakes that are its trademark, there are many other delicacies not to be missed. You name it, pumpkin, hairy crab, taro, osmanthus wine, various types of moon cakes, and many other delicious foods.

The Mid Autumn Festival is also a time to gather with family and relatives. Everyone who celebrates it always looks forward to this festival. Interested in celebrating the mid-autumn festival? Maybe you should try it at the next celebration.